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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Nepal or Bust

We're not completely sure, but Colin may have uttered his first word yesterday morning - are you ready for it?

"Dalai Lama."

As long as he doesn't start hanging out with Richard Gere, I think it's ok. On the other hand, it very well could have been nonsensical babble. Who really knows?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Avast, ye scurvy dogs!

*Ahem*, in case you didn't know, today's Talk Like a Pirate Day. And can you believe it, we still have to go to work.

We had a great weekend. On Saturday, we caught perhaps the tail of end of summer when we attended Oak Park's Oktoberfest in the middle of the day (not really for babies), quickly scrapped that idea, and soon thereafter attended Celtic Fest in Grant Park (much better choice).

Colin got to listen to bagpipers and fiddles. And he danced a few jigs with a little girl from Knoxville, Tennessee. So, it wasn't your average weekend.

Then on Sunday, we nipped over to Trader Joe's followed by the park for some swinging and strolling.

It made me start thinking...what are we going to do during the winter months? It's been so great getting him outside all the time, but soon the snow will be flying and we'll have to be inside much more often.

On other note, my bud from high school, Suzanne K, is due any day now with her first. We're crossing our fingers for them.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

On the threshold

As Colin enters his 12th month of life, it's absolutely astonishing the amount of news that we haven't reported here. The sad truth is that we're keeping all of it to ourselves not out of greed, but out of being unable to write. So here goes, a recap of the last several weeks...
  • Uncle Scott went to Japan

  • Aunt Erica and Uncle John celebrated their 5th anniversary

  • We were visited by Aunt Drock

  • Aunt Drock and Mom went to a bridal shower for Sarah R.

  • Dad played in his college alumni soccer game and won

  • Mom and Dad went to NYC to sightsee and watch US Open tennis

  • Oh, you were looking for updates on Colin?
  • He just turned 11 months old

  • He says "Da", "Ma", "Ba" and blows great raspberries

  • He cruises everywhere from couch to love seat to coffee table

  • Our little furniture mover

    Also, he hit another MILESTONE (8/27/05, 7:15 pm): Colin stood without support for about two seconds. He's done it several times since, usually with very wobbly legs, which quickens our heart rates considerably, especially because he usually tumbles near or sometimes into coffee tables or doors.

    It's just another step in the marathon of his life, but it feels like it's gone so fast. In a few weeks, he'll be celebrating his first birthday. Is it just me, or was it just yesterday that he was even born?

    The more he changes, the more I am reminded of the cruel bait-and-switch of parenthood. At first, he needed us for everything, and day by day, he relies upon us less and less until he no longer needs us for anything other than money and the occasional use of Dad's sportscar. (Midlife crisis is going to hit me HARD.) It's sad to think about how we will become the Commodore 64s to his Sony PSP, but it's all part of the package.

    Plus, I think his original neediness on our abilities forms the bond that will last the rest of our lives. He will always be our baby boy, no matter how old he gets, or how many times he puts Dad's sportscar in a ditch (No Elmo or Blue's Clues for a week, mister!).