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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Beginning this fall, children's television programs will carry an "educational/informational" or E/I bug (a little watermark in the corner of your TV screen), so that the network airing the program will receive credit towards the FCC-mandated minimum of three hours a week of kids' educational programming. All broadcasters, commercial and non-commercial, need to adhere to this rule.

This ruling is in response to complaints about a lack of educational kids TV shows. It's going to be interesting what's considered educational or instructional, doncha think? Also, I wonder if this E/I stamp of approval will actually affect ratings. Kinda doubt it.

All I know is TV has taught me a lot, especially through its advertising. I've discovered that I'm fat, unattractive and uncool (and so are the majority of you), but there are still several companies and spokesmodels out there to help me come a little closer to my ideal level of weight, looks and hipness.

[link via TV Squad]

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Now Steve Jobs has gone too far

Yet another example of quote-unquote hipster parenting: iPod My Baby.

Funny or sad? I can't decide.