crazy legs: the blog

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OK, we're still here...

...but baby blogging is so 2005.

If you're not looking at our Crazy Legs photos on Flickr at, then you've truly been missing out. And for that I apologize.

It's much easier to take photos than to write well-thought out posts about potty training, swimming lessons, and issues involved with the Terrible Threes. And I'm all about taking the easy way this time.

We have not abandoned the blog altogether, but seriously, I'm just so tired. ALWAYS. And my brain doesn't work because I think watching too much preschool programming has made it go to complete mush. So forgive me if you don't see a new post for months at a time.

Our photos at Flickr is totally the way to go for now, until I figure out how to write complete, um, word thingees again.