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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Day late and a dollar short

Well, this picture was taken on Monday, Uncle Scott's birthday. So, Colin was on time -- we're the late ones.

Hope you had a good day, U.S.

(Wow, cool initials.)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Snip, snip

You know the boy's growing up when it's time for him to start shaving. But until we need to invest in Baby's First Gillette Mach3, we decided to leave it to the professionals - and get his first haircut.

Sure, we thought about tackling the job ourselves with some rusty scissors, a weedwhacker and a small head-sized bowl. After the tequila wore off, we instead turned to the answer for all of life's dilemmas: the Internet. After all, is there a more trustworthy source than the ramblings of strangers and lunatics in cyberspace?

For his first haircut, we wanted to make it a special occasion. After some research, we found a neat little place specializing in kids' haircuts called Snippet's, which seemed right up our alley. Heidi also took some photographs to chronicle the event.

Before (note the bad-attitude sneer):


During (in an awesome barber's chair, which I want for my next haircut):

Two bits, at the turn of the last century

and After (actually much later, because I forgot to take pictures directly after)


Hmm. Not much different attitude, but his hair is certainly more manageable and is no longer tripping him when he walks.

Now, back to the Internet to research his first back-waxing.