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Monday, July 16, 2007

Overdue for an update

So, let's see...what's new?

Well, we moved into a new house a month ago. It took us 10 months to sell off our townhouse. It was getting to the point where we thought we going to have to die before someone else would move in.

But luckily, we've upgraded into a single family home that's roomier for us, and in a nice neighborhood. It's on a quiet cul-de-sac and literally 3 blocks walk from what will eventually be Colin's elementary.

Colin's in the middle of potty training, and it's getting to the point where we can see the end of the road, which is good because I'm sincerely tired of pull-ups and diapers. Of course, we know there'll be accidents from time to time, but it will be wonderful to be done with the expense that comes with Pampers.

He's loving the new house - he has a yard of his own to play in, and a room that isn't a converted office. I don't know how he survived without all the room he's got now. The only problem is that he's doing some things he's never done before, like opening the screen door and running out toward the road by himself. Scares us to death, and we're trying to get through to him on the dangers involved with it.

We saw the local Fourth of July parade, which he loved: "Firetrucks! Candy!" I mean, what kid wouldn't love that. Tried to watch some fireworks too. Made a special occasion of staying up late (9:30) to watch the fireworks near my workplace. Colin was all worked up to see them, and then when he heard the big booms and FIRE FALLING FROM THE SKY, that was about all he could handle. "I want to go inside," he said over and over, and clutched tightly to his mom. There are so many occasions for fireworks in the summer that I'm not too worried about long-term fears.

In our short time in the house, we've been visited by both sets of grandparents and Aunt Erica from Colorado. It's nice to have company stay over and not be relegated to a hotel, a couch or the floor. Soon we'll be seeing Colin's Bompo and Gigi (Great-grandparents to you and me), all the way up from Florida.

As for the lack of pictures, we still haven't found all the parts for the digital camera since we moved. I'll update with photos soon, as I'm hoping to make this more of a week by week journal of CL's exploits. However, given my recent history of missing great lengths of time, you really shouldn't expect me to keep that promise.

More soon.

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